Hoverboard Repair

Broken or defective hoverboard? We are specialized in the repair of hoverboards and we can fix any problem. We can repair all kind of hoverboards so it don't matter which brand or model hoverboard you have. We use only high-quality parts for hoverboard repair. This ensures that your hoverboard will lasts for years and will not be broken again after a few weeks. Would you like to do hoverboard repair by yourself? In our shop we offer all kind of hoverboard parts for DIY (Do It Yourself).

What do we offer?
* Repair by professionals
* No research costs
* Repair not successful? Then it won't cost you anything
* Free return shipment


Defect and damage analysis

The product need to be investigated to discover what is defect. This can be done by visiting us, e-mail or phone. The most fast and easy way is to send us a problem description with a video of the problem by e-mail. In this way we have a clear picture of the problem and we can give a good solution based on the problem.

Option 1) Visit us
Visit us and one of our technicians can inspect the product. It is important to make an appointment in advance.

Option 2) By e-mail
Send us a problem description included video of the problem by e-mail, mail to info@hoverboardz.nl

Option 3) By phone
Contact our customer service and give them a clear problem description, call us on +31850013151

Repair options

There are 2 ways for repair:
1. Visit our store (repair only by appointment)
2. Send us the repair 

Repair lead time

Visit us for repair: repaired within 1 hour 
Send us the repair: repaired within 1 to 2 weeks 

Visit us for repair

1. Make a appointment
2. Bring the product and accessoiries with you
3. Sit back with a cup of coffee and wait until we finished your repair

Send us the repair

1. Download our online repair form
2. Fill in the repair form and add this to the package
3. Pack the product well and securely to prevent damage during transport
4. Send us the package
5. Sit back and wait until we finished the repair


Repair costs

Below you can find an overview of the repair costs. The prices are included VAT and no extra costs will be charged, no research or shipping costs. We only use original and high quality parts for repairs. This will give the guarantee that your hoverboard will work for a long time and don't breaks down after a couple of weeks.

Battery replacement €89
Battery holder replacement €19
Motherboard set replacement €89
Motherboard replacement €69
Sensorboard replacement €45
Wheel replacement €59
Charging port replacement €20
On/off button replacement €20
Frame replacement €70
Cover shell replacement €69
Led lights replacement €20
Indicator lights replacement €20
Rubber pad replacement €25

Is your replacement not on this list? We do all kind of hoverboard repairs, contact us.


Question or need help?
Come and visit our store or contact our customer service.

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